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We strongly urge everyone who has launched or will launch all types of motorized water craft on Phillips Lake to take advantage of the Mason County Web Site to insure your full knowledge of County Code of Ordinances concerning use of boats on the lake. Careless use of your craft that involves running between buoy markers and the shore endangers children and those who swim from the docks.

For updated information, Go to From there, go to Mason County Code, Code of Ordinances, chapter #9.04.

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What Kind Of Plant Is That?
Phillips Lake Plant ID Guide

Shirts and Hats are not being sold at this time.  This site will be updated when we find a vendor offering cost saving prices.

Noxious Weeds

Do you have a concern about Noxious Weeds growing in Phillips Lake and how to control them? Go to

Contact Person -- Patricia A Grover, (360)427-9670 ext. 592

Community Fire Safety

Should you need information on Community Fire Safety -- Fireworks, burning garbage, fire resistant landscaping and planning, etc., you can find information at and through the Mason County Fire District 5 web site at

You are encouraged to contact Assistant Chief,
Dave Salzer,
PO Box 127,
Allyn, WA 98584,
Phone, (360)426-5533
 or email

Kitten Rescue Of Mason County
Kitten Rescue is now caring for Phillips Lake lost or abandoned kittens.  Should you wish to learn more about Kitten Rescue of Mason County, contact the folks at

If you have a lost pet and would like to send us a picture with information, the association will be happy to post that information on this web site. Send your request to

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