Animal Control

If you are someone who likes to take walks around Phillips Lake, you may have noticed a man briskly walking along with a golf club in his hand and later in your travels you may have noticed a couple carrying broom handles, or, how about the gals with a device with a button they push when an animal gets too near.  Have you had conversations with your neighbors about the problems you have with aggressive dogs who attack your leashed pet or growl and scare you?  If you have, it doesn't take much imagination to figure out what these armed strollers are up to -- Self Defense.

The Phillips Lake Community Association Board of Directors has been made aware of our neighborhood problem with aggressive dogs and on behalf of the Phillips Lake strollers, board member, Frank, has made contact with the Mason County Animal control in search of answers to provide those who are concerned about the problem.  This is what he found out:

Frank spoke with Officer Brewer of the Mason County Sheriff's Animal Control Department.  Turns out, Officer Brewer is the only animal control person in the Sheriff's department.  He told her who he was and explained that a lot of homes and properties around the lake are used by weekenders and that many of these folks, in addition to those who live in the area full-time, like to walk around the lake for exercise and enjoyment.  He explained that these walkers occasionally encounter aggressive dogs and that they also noticed while driving that some dogs are frequently out in the roadway, which is dangerous for them and creates a hazard for vehicular traffic.  Frank asked if she had any County pamphlets or handouts describing pet owner requirements.  Officer Brewer related the following:

  • The County has no pamphlets or handouts describing pet owner requirements.
  • There is no County "Leash Law" and thus minimal requirements for pet control.
  • The recommended action for anyone encountering an aggressive or nuisance dog is to first contact the owner (if that information can be obtained) and notify him/her of the problem.  Many times the owner is unaware their pet is causing a problem and the contact often helps to avoid hard feelings and feuds within the neighborhood.
  • If attempted contact is unsuccessful because an owner cannot be identified or is uncooperative, a complaint can be filed and a citation issued by calling (360)427-7761.

Mason County Animal Control
419 N 4th St
Shelton, WA 98584
Officer Brewer

This Information is a Service of the Phillips Lake Community Association